Why Do I Need Hunter Tracker?

When you step out into the woods, you want to be carrying the the best equipment for the job, don’t you? The best boots, the best knife, the best ammo. The Hunter Tracker app is simply the easiest hunting and tracking app out there. Within minutes, you’ll be up to speed, getting the latest weather info, looking at the current lunar activity, and saving the coordinates for all of your blinds. Why waste a lot of time learning complicated apps that won’t do nearly as much?

Why Isn't My Compass Working On My iPhone?

In the name of privacy protection, Apple has added more and more privacy controls to their operating system. If the Hunter Tracker Compass does not rotate, it’s probably because the compass needs calibrating. It used to be as easy as the process described below, but now in the latest iPhones, you need to turn on a switch to allow your compass to calibrate.

Please see this amazing video for step by step instructions:


Do I Have To Calibrate My Cell Phone's Compass Each Time I Use It?

It’s definitely a good idea, and it takes less than a minute. If you don’t you may find the readings inaccurate and jittery. And it’s not the app, it’s the phone’s sensors, so no matter what app you use, from Hunter Tracker to Google maps, you should definitely calibrate. Just hold your phone out in front of you at arm’s length and make several figure eights.

Why does the GPS Notice Keep Popping Up

Usually there are two reasons that cause this. You either do not have Precise Location Enabled or you do not have Location Always Enabled. 

This makes it difficult for Hunter Tracker to do its job. Please go into the App Settings for Hunter Tracker and enable these. The easiest way is to hold down the HUnter Tracker Icon on your home screen and then tap the i icon. This will take you directly to App Settings.

What If I Can't Figure Something Out?

 Although Hunter Tracker is the easiest app in the world, there will be times when you might get confused about what a feature does or how it works. In that case, there’s a convenient user guide right on the app and another one on this website. If the user guide isn’t enough, just go to the Contact Us page and send us a message. A support person will answer your question, usually within a day or less.

Do The Weather And Moon Really Affect Game Movement?

We’re not going to lie to you. People have been debating this for decades. I can tell you that deer are skittish creatures. They prefer calm days when they can hear everything over gusty days. Also, your scent will carry farther on those windy days and because the wind tends to swirl at times, the game will be confused as to where you actually  are. This makes them nervous and want to flee the area.

As for the moon, nocturnal animals love a full moon. To them, it’s like walking in broad daylight. They’ll stay out all night and bed down in the morning, making it tough to get those early-morning shots. Hunter Tracker gives you up to the minute weather forecasts and lunar activity, so you can make an informed decision about which blind to hunt and what time of the day to hunt it.

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Use Hunter Tracker?

To access the weather on any app known to man, you will need an internet connection, either wifi or through your cell phone data. It doesn’t take much data to update, but you do need internet. GPS, on the other hand, requires no internet connection at all. It’s done completely through the Global Positioning Satellites above you. It does use battery power, so make sure you charge up completely before heading out.

What About GPS Accuracy?

The accuracy of the GPS depends on the model of your phone. Some phones are just more accurate. As for the Hunter Tracker app itself, you can adjust the accuracy in the settings. The number indicates the accuracy within so many meters, the lower numbers being more accurate. It’s a give and take. The more accurate you want the readings, the longer it takes to get the readings. At extreme accuracy we could be talking minutes, so set it to the highest number that will accomplish your task. The GPS is set to 20 meters (a little over 60 feet) upon installation, and that’s a good starting point. Also, you will get better GPS readings in some areas than in others. If you find the GPS taking too long, move it up from 20 meters to 30 or 40 and try again.

Why Wont My Hunting Log Photos Show Up After Updating The App?

There have been a lot of changes to the Hunter Tracker App, some major and some minor. When we added the ability to edit and share your Hunting Log photos, we had to make some one-time adjustments.

To get your photos back, simply tap on the Hunting Log entry and choose Edit the log entry. Once inside the Log Entry Editor, tap the Choose A Photo button and add you photo once again. We are sorry for any inconvenience this brings, but we’re sure you’ll love the new features!