A little about Hunter Tracker...

Hunter Tracker picture of a buck pole in the early 70'sThere are several hunting apps on the market these days, but most are complicated and time consuming. And what happens AFTER you bag your game? With these issues in mind, we set out to create Hunter Tracker, the world's easiest hunting and tracking app. This app was created for hunters by hunters. The same problems that you face in the wild, we've faced as well.

This is a photo of my father(center), with my uncle and a friend, standing in front of their buck pole in the early 70's. I would always remember opening mornings right at dawn when I would hear one gunshot that sounded like a cannon to me. It was my father's Weatherby 7mm magnum. It amazed me how good he was.

The old timers didn't use Hunter Tracker, so why should you? The answer is... why not? I'm sure if Hunter Tracker was available back in the 70's, my father would have definitely used it. Afterall, he used fish finders to better his chances at filling his limit. Not to mention how disgusted he got whenever he or someone else lost the trail of a wounded animal in the woods.

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